Snow days in may!

So, it’s almost June and the kids are itching to start summer break and endless play dates! But, Colorado is crazy and we have had snow for the past few days! 

I have a long list of projects as well as guides to post, but with kiddos going stir crazy and conditions not ideal for painting everything is on hold for a bit. 

To top it off, we are moving soon and thanks to my husband’s job, we’re not entirely sure what state we will be in! 

Leave the Army they said, don’t move all the time, have more control over where you live! haha! Clearly, that hasn’t worked for us! 

Moving is hard, but we are used to it! If you need any tips for moving you can find them on my Moving tips post. In today’s corporate culture you have be willing to move when better opportunities present themselves. So, off we go to, somewhere, this summer!  

In the meantime, comment and let me know how your summer is going? Any new fun project, or moves coming up? I would love to live vicariously through you all!

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I am a mother, wife, and creator of many things. Learning along the way I have undertaken many projects for my friends and family. I am a planner at heart, but when it comes to creative endeavors I find that sometimes you just have to get in there and figure it out, which means learning the hard way. Bandages and ice-packs are a staple in my home and you can almost always catch me sporting one. To learn more about me check out my About Me Page!

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