How To Save Almost Anything!

Trick to Save Dishes and Much More

Save your Dishes with This Simple Trick

Do you have dishes that are scuffed and scratched beyond repair? Are they hiding in the back of your pantry just in case you need a few extra dishes? Or did you fall in love with thrift store dishes that have the perfect design, but desperately need to be saved. I have just the right product for you! It's inexpensive, easy to use, and can be found almost anywhere! I am not being paid to promote this product, I just sincerely love it!

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Thrift Store Gold!

While browsing the aisles of my local Salvation Army Store I came across the exact dishes I had been drooling over every time I walked into Macy's (click here for link to exact set at Macy's). But, with two kids under eight years old spending over 300 dollars for daily use dishes is, frankly insane! They were all bundled up on the shelf and in awful condition, but they were only twelve dollars and some change, plus it was fifty percent off day! 

Stack of plates

I knew they could be saved! And six dollars was a gamble I was willing to take! Once I got home and untaped everything I realized that every single dish was extremely scuffed; All 27 pieces! I am not the judgemental type, but I am honestly curious as to how these dishes ended up this way.   

Scuffed Thrift Store Dishes

How To

I broke out my Bar Keepers Friend, some rubber gloves, and an old dish towel! Place each dish into the sink and very lightly spray water onto it (and the rag). Then, sprinkle the powdered Bark Keepers Friend onto the dish and scrub! About an hour and a ton of elbow grease later the my thrift store dishes looked new again! 

Plate saved with Bar Keepers Friend

It really is that simple! Just sprinkle on and scrub away the scuff marks. 

Saving Hardware

Bar Keepers Friend works on most metals and even plastic. I restored the hardware on this turn of the century dresser and saved hundreds of dollars in replacement cost!

Saved hardware on dresser before and after

Share Your Story!

Do you have something that needs saving? Or have you already saved something with Bar Keepers Friend? Leave me a picture in the comments! I would love to see your rescued pieces! 

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