Rheumatoid Arthritis under 30 

But you look so healthy!

You’re too young to have arthritis. 

Just take some Tylenol.

Have you tried yoga

When I was diagnosed with arthritis at twenty one I had been living with the pain for years. People assume one can’t possibly have a debilitating disease if they look fine. And I did. I still do, yet the pain is very real. 

Every touch of the keyboard sends lightning shooting from my finger tips to my elbows. My body feels heavy and exhausted, though I’ve done very little today. 

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an evil monster that hides one day allowing you look perfectly normal if only for a short time. Two days ago I was pulling weeds and trimming hedges. Playing with my girls in the water and swinging on the play-set. 

Today, I woke up in tears.

The pain of a sledge hammer slamming into my hands repeatedly leaves my body exhausted. But, you can’t see it. 

This is what immense pain looks like. It looks normal. 

It looks like I should be fine. 

It looks like I could simply take some Tylenol.

It looks like yoga could heal my body.

It looks like I am too young. 

But, looks are deceptive. Invisible diseases are a true curse. Because the pain is yours alone. Yours to prove, yours to explain, and yours to justify. It forces you to fight for something you hate.

I am the face of invisible illness. 

If you are fighting an invisible disease or illness, you are in my thoughts. Stay strong and know that no one knows your body better than you. 

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