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                                                  Find the tutorial at Sewing Table Repurpose Part 1 and Part 2


DIY Topiary

                                                              Find the tutorial at Topiary for less than $30


 Upholstered Cane Chairs
Faux Leather Journals
DIY Faux Leather Journals                                     

                                                   Find the tutorial at DIY Leather Journals


Picture frame headband holder DIY
DIY Picture Frame Headband Holder


DIY sewing machine pincushion

DIY Attached Pincushion

Halloween fruit tray
Halloween Fruit Tray

                                                  Find the tutorial at Halloween Fruit Tray

Wine Jug and antique door knob decor
Wine Jug Holiday Decor

                                                       Find the full tutorial at Fall Decor

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I am a mother, wife, and creator of many things. Learning along the way I have undertaken many projects for my friends and family. I am a planner at heart, but when it comes to creative endeavors I find that sometimes you just have to get in there and figure it out, which means learning the hard way. Bandages and ice-packs are a staple in my home and you can almost always catch me sporting one. To learn more about me check out my About Me Page!

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