Homework Station for Small Spaces

Homework Station

If you have kids, or are a student yourself, than you know keeping school work organized is crucial to success. At the very least, crucial to staying sane! We have always had a family desk were everyone does their work and has their own dedicated drawer. But, when we moved we just didn't have the space to bring it along. We've been using the dining table as a workstation, as I am sure so many families do, but it's not like we can just leave our papers sprawled across the table. So, after months of frustration and

MOM, where is my homework?!?

I had to come up with a solution, but it had to be free or cheap! Little Miss D's birthday is less than a month away and we have to budget accordingly. I headed to my garage where all of my office, school, and craft boxes are stored and starting searching! The first thing I found was a framed cork board. I bought it at Target about ten years ago.

Cork board and supplies for homework station

The wheels started turning!

Something on the wall would be the perfect solution, but how could I make sure there was a place for everything?  It needed a place for homework that is easily accessible to a 7 year-old (so not simply thumb tacks), a place for pencils and pens, and place for important papers, and spare space for unexpected items.

My first thought was, "I'll just stick a folder on there and round tissue box" (like the one pictured above). But that would take up too much space and wouldn't exactly look nice. So, I decided to make my own folder, fix up a 25 cent pencil box, and add a bit of sparkle.

Supplies used

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How I pulled it all together

  1. I sanded the edges of the cork board frame lightly distressing it. I considered painting and then distressing, but I didn't have the patience to wait for paint to dry.
  2. I reconfigured the pencil-case and used a command strip to attach it. [full how-to below]
  3. I used the shirt box to create the perfect sized folder and again used a command strips to attach it to the cork board. [tutorial coming soon]
  4. Just for fun, I took a few thumb tacks and hot glued buttons and jewels on top, as well as one little purple bow.
  5. That looked so cute I added a jewel to the front of the folder too!
  6. Finally, I added some command strips, placed it on the wall, dropped a few pencils in the holder, and Miss D's homework in the folder.

It's just what we needed and it doesn't look too shabby either!

Homework Station

Pencil Holder How-To

Take the inside sleeve out of the pencil-case.

Pencil case

Determine how tall you want the case to be. Mark and cut the case. Tip: Hold the box flat to cut and you will get a more even line.

cut pencil case

Place the sleeve back into the outer case and hot glue the bottom and top edges.

Glued sleeve back into case

You can actually stop right here with the pencil box. It doesn't look too bad and if you started with a cuter one you would be set! Unfortunately, mine wasn't so cute and I wanted to make it pretty!

Pencil case
Starring Little Miss M's cute toddler toes!

Measure your craft paper leaving about a quarter of an inch overhanging the top and bottom. Then glue it to the front sides and back. Tip use a putty knife to get crisp edges.

cut and fold paper

glue paper over case

Make a cut in each corner; This will help you achieve smooth edges. Then, fold over and glue the back, sides and front edge (in that order).

Fold and glue edges

Now, you will follow the same steps you used with the craft paper to apply the lamination paper. Note: this is another step that you don't necessarily have to do, but it will save the paper from daily use and tiny Cheetos fingers! 

final pencil case

Add a command strip to the back of the pencil-case and place on the cork board. Then drop a few pencils and it's good to go!

A few close ups

Bow thumbtack
Fun bow thumbtack
Shirt Box Folder
Shirt box folder. It looks a bit lopsided in this picture, but it's just a bad angle. 
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