Funky Chair, Funky Chair

Funky Chairs: to reupholster or not? 

I picked up these two matching beauties for just $40 each (thank you Craigslist)! They are custom made and cost the original owner over $1200 a piece just 4 years ago! They are solid and very well made. The only damage is a small chip in the front right leg of one. It's not structural, just needs a bit of wood filler and sain. 


The thing is, they don't match a thing I own! They have beautiful feminine curves that are sharply contrasted by the masculine faux ostrich leather and nail head trim.  The rich orangey-brown (can you say that?) sticks out like a sore thumb in my color scheme of grey and white with pops of blue and yellow.

I bought them with the intention of reupholstering them. I loved the soft feminine lines and details, but I didn't realize how beautifully well made they are. Now I am questioning if I should reupholster them. 

Miss Mustard Seed shared this beautiful chair a few years ago and it gives me hope that mine can turn out just as beautiful. I am not sure exactly what type of upholstery I will use,  but definitely something neutral. Also not sure if I will keep the button tufting.


Decisions, decisions! 

What are your thoughts? 

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