Fall Mantle

decorated Fall mantel

Don't tell the south this, but apparently it's fall!

Where you ask?

North of Louisiana apparently because it's still in the upper eighties here. I however am pretending I can wear sweaters and scarves and decorating for fall! I have one final step to add to my mantle, but since I am a bit late to the game I wanted to share my progress. 

As most of you know, we have only lived here for one month. When we moved in I immediately knew I had to update the faux logs in the  fireplace. The tv was already mounted, so I am stuck with it for now. Because we just moved I really didn't want to spend too much on decor so I had to get creative with this one. It is certainly not your typical fall mantle decor, but it will transition well with the changing seasons.  

fireplace before
Mantle and Fireplace Before


The faux logs were dark and not inviting like a fireplace should be. Lucky for me we moved from Colorado where aspen trees are plentiful and getting logs is relatively inexpensive or you get luck and a spring storm takes out a few limbs from your neighbor's tree and they gift them to you for free. If you can not get ahold of aspen logs birch has a very similar look and is much easier to find (even online). You can order nice realistic faux logs, but I do not plan to use the fireplace, so I am not spending the extra money.

Do not use real wood in a gas fireplace under any circumstances! They are not designed to burn real logs and you will very likely start a fire. If you choose to switch your faux logs for real logs be sure you have someone from your gas company turn off the gas to your fireplace. 


Crafty but Clumsy is in no way responsible for any incidents that occur as a result of this tutorial.  Please see my Safety Page for more information.

Now, that the safety warning is clear step one is removing and storing your faux logs. If you do decide to use your fireplace you can just switch the logs out. I also moved the hanging wire cover just out of sight by hanging it horizontally. Then add your new logs on the existing log rack.

Fireplace with  new logs

Aspen Love

It's amazing that such a small change can make such a big difference! The fireplace is now lighter, brighter, and more inviting. 


After changing out the logs I decided I wanted to add some lighter touches to the mantle as well. You can head over to my Decorating for Fall post to see a full how to on my wine jug decor if you missed it! 

decorated Fall mantel

I added wine jugs, a few readers digest books covered in white drafting paper, which just happened to be what I had on hand. I hand drew the sign onto a piece of photo matting with a nice almost burlap texture and used a frame I've had for sometime [In an ideal world it would be a few inches more narrow, but it works for now!] The two gold candlesticks were found at an estate sale and they are the perfect size to fit under the tv.

Earlier I mentioned that I had one final step and I know it will be the perfect final touch. A beautiful fall garland found at OurCraftyMom.com 

Ourcraftymom.com felt garland

She used a super cool punch for the leaves, but scissors will work just fine and I happen to have plenty of white felt. You could easily change-up the colors for your decor. Be sure to click the link or the picture to check out her full tutorial! 

How is your fall decorating going? Are you going all out or keeping it toned down? Let me know in the comments!

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