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Wine Jug and antique door knob decor

Hello All!

It has been far too long since I have posted. I've been super busy getting settled and decorating the new place. If you follow me on Facebook, and you totally should, then you already know we moved from  Colorado to Louisiana for Mr. C's job.

It was so hard to leave and we definitely plan to return at some point, but sometimes you have to make hard decisions that are better for your family in the long run. That being said, I had to leave behind many of my project pieces (I will update my future project page so you can see which items). I sold quite a few pieces and donated the rest to the Salvation Army. I was really sad to lose so many pieces behind, but they are just things and things can be replaced (I keep telling myself as I scroll through old photos). 

Getting Settled 

Did I mention I had never been to Louisiana prior to our move? It's HOT! And HUMID! The humidity is insane and I am convinced I will never acclimate to it. 

However, I am finally getting unpacked and decorated. I recently found the time for a few diy craft projects which I will share soon!

But, for now here is a sneak peek at my wine jug mantel decor. 

Wine Jug and antique door knob decor
Do you remember when I grabbed 9 of these jugs from a Craigslist add, for free? I was a bit overwhelmed, but I hated to see them sent to recycling so I saved them! I have a few other projects lined up for the others, but for now their beauty stands alone. 

Wine Jugs
Photo from Craigslist



So, this one is pretty straight forward but I will give you a quick run down.  I am assuming the owner had a stellar party or makes their own wine, but I am not one to judge. Just a bit jealous I wasn't invited! 

Step 1

Remove lids and clean thoroughly with dish soap. 

Step 2

Soak jugs in water with a bit of dish soap overnight. You could possibly skip the dish soap. I used my favorite Seventh Generation dish soap in Lavender. 

Wine Jugs soaking in sink with soap


Step 3

In the morning, or around noon, the next day empty the sink and simply pull the labels off. They should come off fairly easily and leave only a little residue behind. 

Now I will be honest with you there are about one million tips and tricks out there for removing glue residue off of glass, I even asked my Junkin' Sisters if they had any tips. But, when I wanted to finish them up I didn't have any of those things on hand. So, I ran out to the garage and grabbed these amazing wipes. I use them all the time! And they didn't let me down this time. I lightly rubbed and they were clean and perfect in a few moments. 

Scrubs Citrus Wipes

Step 4

The little metal ring for the lid was still attached, so I grabbed the closest thing to me... a flat head screwdriver. I simply pushed it under the ring and twisted slightly and they popped right off! 

Step 5

Finally, make sure the inside is dry, wipe down, and use for decor! 


If this post was helpful or you have any questions leave them in the comments for me! At the very least you can at least use this as an excuse to start buying wine by the jug! 

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