How To Decorate Around the TV

How to decorate around the TV

Hello All! 

First, I wanted to say thank you so much for all the get well messages over the past two weeks! If you follow me on Facebook (and you totally should!) then you know the past two weeks have been a bit difficult. As some of you may have guessed, the name Crafty but Clumsy, isn't purely humours. I am honestly ridiculously clumsy! But, If you're just here to get tips for decorating around the TV, then scroll on down to the image! 

My Life, My Very Clumsy Life 

Around two weeks ago I dropped a vacuum on my foot. I couldn't walk on it and assumed I broke it, so I headed to the urgent care with both kiddos in tow. After some x-rays and what seemed like completely unnecessary poking and prodding, I found out no bones were broken. Although, I did have a pretty serious contusion to my foot and a damage to the cartilage. I was banned from wearing flip flops for the summer and strongly urged to use crutches for a few weeks . . .  I am totally following the no flip flop rule, but I honestly can not deal with crutches! 

As if injuring my foot wasn't enough fun, a few days later while picking Little Miss D up from school I began having severe chest pain. It took my breath away! I have asthma, so I took my inhaler and hoped for the best, but the pain got worse and I began to feel dizzy. Obviously, driving was out of the question and my husband was too far from home, so Little Miss D ran next door to the neighbors and I called 911. The neighbors stayed with the girls as I was wheeled out of my home on a gurney. 

Hours at the ER later, I had an EKG, chest x-rays, an ultrasound, blood work, and last but not least a urinalysis ( they made me pee in a cup). Oh, and a heavy dose of morphine into my IV, but I was still in significant pain. The Doctor came in and sat down, which for some reason is more nerve wracking, he explained that I had costochondritis, which is inflammation of the cartilage segments at the joints that attach your ribs to your breastbone. While, pretty abnormal for most people, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis so swelling and pain in my joints is nothing new, though the location was and is why it is often mistaken for a heart attack. After a bit of anti-inflammatories I should be back up and running at full speed in no time! 

Unfortunately, for my wonderful followers and friends I don't have my typical tutorial to post because all of my projects are half finished as I recuperate. So, I decided to show you how I used my DIY Topiaries (click the link to see full how-to), books, and baskets to decorate around my tv in our rental space. 

How to decorate around the TV

The Ugly TV Problem

Let's be real here, there is a reason you never see tv's prominently displayed on HGTV or DIY Network. It's because they are giant black holes on the wall and do nothing for the aesthetics of your living space. If like us you are in a rental or only have one living space, you don't have the luxury to have a nice sitting room and a separate tv room, so how do you make it feel cosy and inviting? 

Tips and Tricks 

  • First, I use a bookshelf type tv stand. Its from IKEA and was under $150 if my memory serves me correctly. But, the were isn't as important as the why. You see, with typical tv stands/entertainment centers there is little room for decor, which leaves the TV standing alone. The big black hole on your wall draws your eye even more (which is great in a tv room or theater space, but not so great in your main living space).  
  • Second, greenery, whether faux or real greenery, it always makes a space more inviting and relaxing. These two topiaries were a salvage project (if you want to make your own for around $30 each click the link and see my full how-to guide) 
  • Third, adding books to a space not only feels natural on a shelf type display, but is also inviting, and can add color. I have a pretty decent collection of old Reader's Digest I use for decorating. I turn the binding to the back when the colors are not what I am looking for at the moment. They can be picked up at most thrift stores for next to nothing! I got a whole box full for free! 
  • Fourth, and probably the most practical, is adding baskets. The two cream colored baskets I scored for free while expecting Little Miss D when I signed up for something (it's been around 7 years, so forgive me, but I have no clue as to what that was) They are the perfect size to hold Wii games, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs. The larger basket is for small toys.
  • Fifth, is candels, they just add a warmth to any space and I love the big chunky candle sticks I picked up for free at the end of yard sale last year (I actually took home a whole box of decor free!) Adding natural wood tones also warms up the space. 
  • Finally, I tossed in picture frame from an antique store with natural ivy shapes, an old alarm clock, and a bird figurine. 

I am sure by now you can see, that I wanted to add a touch of nature to a typically cold indoor space. I love the contrast and distraction from the big gaping hole (the TV) that I honestly love to binge watch Netflix into the wee hours of the night. 

If you have any question feel free to ask! I am not a trained designer. I simply hope to make my space feel cozy even when I don't own it (and for as little money as possible)! Because let's be real here, we all know those HGTV families pull the TV out as soon as the cameras stop rolling! 

Leave me a comment or picture of your tv space! And follow me on Facebook to keep up with my daily shenanigans! 






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