Cane Chair & Craigslist Love

Cane back chairs prepped for stripping

Craigslist for the Win

I have a funny story to tell you (well, I think it's funny, my husband not so much). I was browsing Craigslist, as one does just months before moving across the country, and I found a set of free cane back chairs. As you may have noticed by now, I love cane chairs! The picture quality was poor and a bit dark, but I figured I couldn't go wrong with free cane chairs! So, off I went to pick up the chairs. They were sitting on the front porch and as soon as I pulled up I noticed it! They were the exact chairs I that I scored with my bartered for dining set.

Dining Set with Cane Back Chairs

Picking Up My New Chairs

My original dining set included four cane back chairs. Two are arm chairs and two standard dining chairs. It also included a leaf to extend the table to seat six people. You can read about how I bartered for this set on my Finding Free Furniture Post. I knew the odds of finding matching cane chairs was slim. So, I was practically giddy when I got out of my truck. They seller came out and helped me load up the chairs.  He told me they were given to him and his wife by an older lady. They just upgraded to a new set, which is why they still had plastic covering the seats! I told him I actually had the matching dining set and planned to redo these as well. 

Upholstery woes

If you have checked out my Project Gallery Page then you may have seen that I upholstered over the cane backs. I love them! And they were a true labor of love! I followed all the upholstery rules. I took pictures of the labels just in case I needed more fabric. Unfortunately, hobby lobby is no longer carrying the fabric I used on the back panels. Right now, I am debating whether to simply upholster the seats and leave the cane backs painted white. But, work is on hold until I move because I do not have the extra space.   

Upholstered and Painted Cane Back Dining Chairs
Upholstered Cane Back Chairs


Craigslist Finds

Have you had an awesome craigslist find? Or maybe a funny craigslist find? If you have share it with me in the comment section! I would love to see or hear about your experiences! 

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