Thanksgiving tree

ThanksGiving Tree

The Thanksgiving Tree When my oldest daughter was three and the holiday season was approaching I wanted to start a new family tradition. One that would not only be memorable, but also beneficial to our family and community. During the holiday season children are bombarded with messages promoting greed, not promoting giving. In order to Read More

Fall Mantel Decorated

Fall Mantle

Don’t tell the south this, but apparently it’s fall! Where you ask? North of Louisiana apparently because it’s still in the upper eighties here. I however am pretending I can wear sweaters and scarves and decorating for fall! I have one final step to add to my mantle, but since I am a bit late Read More

Halloween Fruit Tray

Halloween Fruit Tray

Halloween is coming!  Which means tons of candy, costumes, fun, and last but not least parties! My Halloween fruit tray for Little Miss D’s Kindergarten party was not only fun to make, but fun to eat! I purchased the white melamine tray at target. They only have the rectangle white ones listed on their website, Read More

Thanksgiving tree

Table Repurpose Part 2- Paint

Woo Hoo! We made it through the prep-work of our refinishing project! Prep is essential to achieving a professional finish at home, so I encourage you to head back to Part 1 if you missed it. Priming, sanding, and painting all sound pretty straightforward, but I will walk you through my process. For this table Read More


Rheumatoid Arthritis under 30 

But you look so healthy! You’re too young to have arthritis.  Just take some Tylenol. Have you tried yoga?  When I was diagnosed with arthritis at twenty one I had been living with the pain for years. People assume one can’t possibly have a debilitating disease if they look fine. And I did. I still Read More

Dishes Pin

How To Save Almost Anything!

Save your Dishes with This Simple Trick Do you have dishes that are scuffed and scratched beyond repair? Are they hiding in the back of your pantry just in case you need a few extra dishes? Or did you fall in love with thrift store dishes that have the perfect design, but desperately need to Read More